Technology for Equestrian events is ever progressing. Electronic scoring is now becoming standard at many events across all disciplines.
Electronic scoring can save event organisers countless hours of administration work. It is simple to learn and implement, affordable and allows the riders to keep up to date with results throughout your event from their own mobile phones.

Electronic Scoring for Showjumping

Effortless Web Solutions recommends the use of Equussentials Jumper Judge Dashboard for scoring showjumping competitions.
JJD integrates with popular Online Entries System ‘Global Entries Online’ and connects to the widely used Farmtek Polaris Timers.
Some of the benefits of JJD include:

  1. Replaces the traditional method of scoring with pen and paper.
  2. Automatically keeps track of placings/leaderboards throughout the class which can be viewed online live
  3. Supports most commonly used classes – A2, AM5, AM7, Two-phase, Super-phase, Accumulator, Grand Prix and Equitation Classes.
  4. Times are taken directly from the Farmtek console and time penalties are automatically calculated.
  5. Draws imported from Global Entries Online at the click of a button
  6. Changes or late entries can be changed at the office and will automatically change at the ring if the office has a computer with internet access.
  7. Changes can be made to the rider or horse name by the penciler as they ride in if needed.
  8. Competitors or spectators with a smartphone or tablet, can quickly see who is currently on course in a particular ring as well as see the current leaderboard complete with times and faults.
  9. Everything is saved automatically, jump by jump, to the computer hard drive and to the web so that there is no chance of losing the data.
  10. Multiple scoresheets can be run at once in the case of multiple divisions of a class.
  11. If an LCD screen is available, it can be connected to the computer to display a scoreboard/leaderboard for spectators.

Effortless Web Solutions offers training and clinics on using Jumper Judge Dashboard. For more information and prices, you can request a quote.